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Sunday May 9,2021

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Re: Sunday May 9,2021

Post by maryq » Sun May 09, 2021 7:56 am

Good Morning Girls

And A Happy Mother's Day to you all! Tis a bright Sunny day, but I'm glad I haven't stored my winter coat away just yet... it's only 39* here this morning.

Lois... What a bummer you have to go back to Joann. Maybe you will find something else there you can't live without... just to make the trip worthwhile!

Diane... Pork Roast on the spit? Sounds delicious! I should put a pork roast on my list for next trip to grocery store.. love it cooked like crazy in the crock pot! Yeah for getting your King Size quilt top done! That's a lot of fabric to wiggle in your sewing machine I bet.

Becca.... Isn't it nice to see the young wanting to learn how to sew and to make a little quilt! I'm hoping when my Evie is here she'll want to sew some... though I think she is more into horse riding and fishing.

Maryz.... See.... most of the time things work out as they should. And don't tell me just women are fickle and change their minds! :lol: :lol: Yes I can tell I have been a busy girl... every muscle I own aches. David is gone "for good" He packed his clothes in 2 big suitcases, found a home for his dog, and only left a few things behind that I have to ship. The house will go on the market as soon as it's all fixed up. His realtor is taking care of new carpet and painting etc. There's just a few things I need to go over and retrieve... might do that this afternoon---Kevin and Sara are coming out so they will give me a hand. Good news is that he's pretty sure he has a good job lined up.

Judi... Holy Moly..... Do you feel like you're in the middle of a tornado going all sorts of directions! I remember taking Shawn to hockey games all over creation, I felt like I lived in my car. Good to hear you will get some sewing time today.

Jana... Do you have a seat belt on your bar stool? Or at least a good place to put your feet? Good topic of the lesson.... kindness.... Seems to me it's more important these days with all going on in the world.

Chriss... It sure sounds like you are having a ton of fun with the boys next door! And they must sure enjoying having a "gramma" next door! Ignore the charts! Go by how you feel! Omg, if I weighed the same as I did in high school (110) I'd look sick. though I would like to fit into smaller jeans! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Guess I better get in gear. I've been invited to Sara's folks for noon dinner---steak and shrimp (Sara's dad own's a meat market) After that Kevin is going to help me pack up my car of stuff to take to Wisconsin.. there's some pretty heavy stuff that needs to go. I just don't want to bring anything back!

Wishing you all a most blessed and happy Mother's Day!

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Re: Sunday May 9,2021

Post by auntjana » Sun May 09, 2021 8:03 am

Chriss - great attitude at your fantastic accomplishment! No need to beat yourself up - get to a place where you are happy! Those charts are the pits! My FIL was skin and bones and his doctor told him that he was too fat! We always wonder where that doctor got his degree from, a starvation school? You are a great example to many!

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