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Saturday May 8

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Saturday May 8

Post by QuiltGram8 » Sat May 08, 2021 4:51 am

Good morning! I was afraid to start. Thought I might double with Judi. 🥰

It's really sunny for now. But we have a rainy weekend ahead. Don't have any special plans. All my kids live away from us. I will get phone calls.
Enjoyed a nice visit with my sister yesterday. Thought we would meet at a Wendy's or Mc Donald's for sandwiches. They were traveling, so we drove 25 miles to town by the interstate to meet them. All the fast-food restaurants were carry out only. Found a neat sports bar, not a chain restaurant that had inside dining. Relaxing visit. Social distancing in their seating and masks required until you were at your booth.
It felt safe. So we enjoyed our time together.
Got laundry done when we got back from lunch. I was afraid laundromat would be busy in late afternoon, but only one other person was there. So, that worked well too.
Have a nice Saturday and Sunday. ☀️

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Re: Saturday May 8

Post by FlorenceM » Sat May 08, 2021 5:19 am

Morning Vel & all to follow
A Happy mother's day weekend.
A new quilt already started for new granddaughter on the way. It's a disappearing 9 patch done in shades if gray & teal. Nursery done in those colors with llamas. DdIL2 said no pink. Couldn't find llamas without pink so llamas will be the quilting design.
Working on kids house today.

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Re: Saturday May 8

Post by fabricgirl » Sat May 08, 2021 5:22 am

Good morning Velda and all who follow,

Yesterday was a great day we went down to my son's and went out to lunch at a quaint place called the mug rack very safe wore our mask until we were seated then we were able to take it off and be a little normal the food was wonderful and way cheaper than a fast food place after that we went back to my son's stayed a while then went home it was a nice afternoon and the weather was beautiful.

Today will be uglies and after that I might go to Joanns for interfacing I got coupons yesterday :lol:.

Judi so glad you had a nice day sorry Sherry couldn't go.

Well thats my story everyone have a great day.
Prayers go out to all.

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Re: Saturday May 8

Post by QuiltGram8 » Sat May 08, 2021 5:38 am

Flo: what a neat idea to use the llamas in the quilting design. I live grey and teal together. Also disappearing nine patch is so fun. Love the way it looks after the block is put together.
Hope you can share pictures later.
Lois: I was quite surprised that dining in worked so well for us, too.

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Re: Saturday May 8

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Sat May 08, 2021 5:51 am

Good morning, what a beautiful day today is going to be.

Sitting here in my recliner with the front door open, a full cup of coffee in my favorite Cal Poly mug, and the comfort quilt that El's Angels sent to me when my grandma died. Surrounded in comfort and love. It's good to be me.

Last night was dinner with the parents, more sandwich fixin's and a fruit salad. Dad loves fruit salad. I did notice that the leftover sandwich stuff from last week was still in the fridge so maybe we need to have BLT's next week. Or I need to figure out something light that we can eat. Jerry and I eat so much less than we used to and they eat less than us.

Today is oil change day. I will get there when they open and go through the express lube. When I bought that car I wisely got the lifetime oil change. If it's time to rotate my tires that is only $10. I have to travel to Fresno 1 1/2 hours to the dealer to get it done but that is also where some bigger stores are and I would like to find some summer tops that fit.

If time permits I will also get my hair cut. I'm looking pretty shaggy. And when I get home I a going to make a Mothers Day project with the boys next door for their mom. I'm going to make the same thing for my step mom too. just a jar with artificial flowers, it will be in a gift bag that we have to design ourselves and there will be a card to go with it.

Velda, thank you for waking me up. sounds like a great visit with your sis.

Lois, just got my Joanns email. 20% off the total purchase. The Joans in the town where I get my oil change is much larger than the one closest to me so I may just take the tour and see what I can find, heaven knows I need more. What a treat in your lunch with the kids

Becca, hope you and your nieces have a great visit. I would love to sit in your yard on a nice evening with a glass of iced tea and have a visit. For me when you talk about your family visiting I always picture a joyful place to be.

Flo, dang it with you and those UTI's. I didn't realize you had a third kid. A grandbaby is a perfect reason to travel. Love Llamas, it will be a cute baby quilt. check your email from me.

Maryz, I am curious to see what bedroom set Bill picks out. Not sure we could go from a king to a queen size, we have a Moose sleeping between us. work is still at home. We are supposed to have a conference call on the 19th with more information but until then I am home. It was a year in April and I have to say I don't miss not going in to the office. The only draw back is I don't have a printer. I refuse to use my personal printer for office work.

Jana, is the ceiling delivered? can the handy man start? This morning we are at 51* but should see 80* before the day is over. still sleeping with the windows open which I love.

Diane, glad to know the mamo was routine. I get all my yearly doctor stuff done at the end of the year because at the beginning of the year we have to show we have had a yearly company paid for physical to qualify for a discount on our medical insurance. Glad you have panels for those donation quilts, it sure will make them go faster.

Sherry, sorry you couldn't go to the show with Judi. I imagine it would be a lot of walking and standing, so not good for knees.

Sharona, I have seen the leafguard gutters but wouldn't you still have to sweep the needles off of the screen? Sorry about the snow, We sure could use it in Cali, I'm predicting it to be a drought and fire season this summer.

Judi, amazing how cigarette smoke penetrates everything. you can smell it on people and everything they touch. I am so thankful Jerry doesn't smoke anymore. Glad you enjoyed the quilt show, and the quilt shop. what a fun day it must have been.

Katy, what plants did you order from QVC? flowers or veggies? happy gardening.

Maryq, When will those Canadians get there? i'm thinking soon but can't remember the date. Glad David got to AK. where is his family? Enjoy the garage sale at Viv's, gosh it sounds like something I would love to go to. you are a whirlwind, so many exciting things going on for you.

Lori, I loved the picture you posted on FB of you and your mom. Two beautiful ladies, I could see the love in your smiles. I am glad you are near enough to your parents to get to see them often. When you see your dad give him an extra hug from me. The house is surely quiet for him with no one to chat with all day. He is blessed to have you nearby. I am also glad your mom is being made comfortable. xo

Well guess I need to hit the shower and head to yucky hot Fresno. Not my favorite destination but it is what it is. You all have a super day and a wonderful Mothers day weekend.


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Re: Saturday May 8

Post by purrfect-lady » Sat May 08, 2021 6:58 am

Good morning,

JUDI - Glad you found a few gotta-haves. I can never resist soft blue fabric. And now you can get started on your mini quilt! Hope you have a place ready for it when you are done quilting it. Meaning, I hope your new family room will be finished by then. It will be nice to have your room back. Will it remain a guest room or den or office or perhaps overflow sewing?? How are your sick folks?

FLO - Hope those meds are doing their job. I love teal. And gray goes with nearly every color. This will be such a fun quilt for you to make.

LOIS - you and Chriss have your coupons. Where's mine? Joann's keeps kicking me off their mailing lists. Even their e-mail list! I even had a clerk re-add me AGAIN last week and still no coupons. It hurts my feelings. :cry:

CHRISS - that was, indeed, a wise decision on your part to opt for lifetime service on your car. But bummer you have to drive 1-1/2 hrs to get service. But the bright spot is bigger stores! Hope you find goodies at Joann's. I won't be there. :cry: We aren't buying a new bedroom set - just a bed. In fact, we only need a new mattress but Bill just suddenly decided he wanted a queen instead of a king. I have learned once he makes up his mind about something, it's easier to just go along. Funny, when we bought this bedroom set, 28 yrs ago, we were going to get a queen, but he suddenly decided -nay, INSISTED - we get a king and changed the order. So, in a way, I'm finally getting my way! :D That's nice that you are helping the boys with Mother's Day gifts. I loved helping my kids make things for their grammas.

VELDA - glad you got to see your sis. My sis and DBIL will be back this way for a couple of weeks in August and I'm looking forward to it. We don't have any other beds in our house - not even a full length couch - so all our guests have to bring their own bed. and my sis does.

We went to shop for that new bed yesterday. I'd heard there was a very bad accident on the freeway and told Bill but he thought the backup shouldn't be too bad. Fooled him! It took 12 hours to clear it away. The backup was more than 10 miles long (picture 4 or 5 lanes of parked cars) when we joined it. After 2 hours we inched our way over to the side, exited, and came home. Going to give it another try today, I think. We forgot to take our little drawer with us anyway, per Jana's advice, for matching purposes.

Not much else going on here today! Hope your day is more exciting! And hopefully full of thread ends getting all over your clothes!

mary z

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Re: Saturday May 8

Post by auntjana » Sat May 08, 2021 6:59 am

Good morning!

Rained hard all night long and is now bright and beautiful. Very windy too.

Not much here. Sewing for me. Sandee, Scott, Sarah and family are off camping and will be back later today. My lesson for tomorrow is mostly ready. Just need to ready what I am taking to decorate the table with. And my barstool from home for me to sit on as I teach. I can't stand for very long with my bad knees and hip, so I sit! Also found out as we did the Ward bulletin for this week, the Bishop wants us to speak in Sacrament meeting on the 30th of May. That will keep me busy too!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy all the festivities for Mother's Day.


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Re: Saturday May 8

Post by Quiltmom » Sat May 08, 2021 7:53 am

Good morning all! Not much planned for today since knees still hurt. Wanted to go to the Lilac Festival in town today but that is out. Lots of walking there too. Going to hook up my flat screen TV that I bought for my sewing room today and also get the ROCU hooked up to it. Doug is coming over to help if I need it. Then I can get back to working on my quilts next week. Tomorrow there is a drive through Mother's Day Pancake Breakfast in town so will get some after I get my newspaper. Supposed to get about 1 1/2 inches of rain tomorrow. We sure do need it and so do my ponds.

Judi - I am so glad that you had a good time at the Quilt Show yesterday I really missed being there with you. Glad you had a good time. Hoping they have the Quilt Show at Shipshewana this summer so I can go there. Been there before and it is a really nice show also. I also shop at the Amish stores while I am there.

Well, better go get some breakfast. Hope everyone has a good and safe day.


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Re: Saturday May 8

Post by grammiequilts » Sat May 08, 2021 8:03 am

Good morning We left early to go to the hockey tournament, they tied and will play again at 430 tonight, We came home Ken is cutting the grass and I put another load of wash in and am starting lunch. we will head over to Colleens and Ken will do some trim work. maybe attend the secind game or not its up to Ken.
Our boys with covid are doing well. getting over it just need the negative test. everyone else is fine. I started the first of 2 quilts and made a sample block...need to redo my measurements,,,it came out wrong...so back to the drawing board.....
well I need to get cooking, Hope you are all having a great day, XXXXXXXXOOOOOOOO

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Re: Saturday May 8

Post by maryq » Sat May 08, 2021 8:11 am

Good Morning Girls

I'M BAAAACCCKK.... well sort of... at least for a couple days until I head to Wisconsin. Feels good to have my coffee at my desk here in my office and to sit and chat with y'all again. It's my "normal" thing and I felt kind of "out of whack" for the last couple weeks!

Velda... Doesn't it feel good to be able to sit in a restaurant again. In Minnesota, we will be mask-free on July 1.. IF we get 70% vaccinated! Can't wait to not have to wear a mask!

Flo... Congratulations on a new Grand Baby Girl! I LOVE teal and and grey together and will make a darling baby girl quilt. Is this the DDIL that lives with you?

Lois... Hope your uglies go fast... I'd much rather run to Joann than do uglies... But My house Is SO UGLY.. I did do some clean up yesterday, but dang.. it's a mess again. Seems a bit of stuff from Jen's BF's house has found its way to mine.. Oh oh!

Chriss... Smart to get lifetime Oil Change... I got 3 years when I got my car. The place where I go now is only 2 miles from my house and the guy that does is... I've known for years!!! He'll even come and pick up my car and change the oil and bring it back if I really need him to. David arrived in AK last night and from the smile on his face... I think he is pretty happy to be there. His parents are both deceased and he lost contact with his one brother many many years ago. I fly to Great Fall, Montana on June 20th.. the Canadians will meet us there on the 22nd. Tom and Viv and I are on same flight.. and Viv has already scoped out all the quilt shops!

Maryz.... I get two sets of Joann ads... One in my old married name and one in my real name.. I should send you my extra! :lol: :lol: A new Bed! A queen will give you a few extra inches in your bedroom, but, it sure will be extra cozy with a cats and a dog in bed with you! you know that means all new sheets too right? I haven't even turned on my sewing machine for 2 weeks... I'm so missing it! Oh to be covered in threads again!

Jana... Hey I'm right there with you... bring the bar stool along! If I stand my left leg goes numb... Mr. Art visits me from time to time too... especially on the steps!

Sherry.... Sorry you have to miss the lilacs! I bet it's gorgeous! I think my one surviving lilac tree is dead... no blooms here yet. How cool... a drive through Pancake breakfast!

Judi... Good to hear your "covid" boys are doing okay. I think it's going to take me a while to get caught up with every body... but I did see that you had some positives in your family. Is Colleen all back to normal?

Still in jammies here, so better get in gear. My garage is FULL of all sorts of stuff .. most to load in my car to take to Wisconsin... it won't all fit of course... so I'll take what I can. I have some of David's stuff that I want to take with me and some stuff I'm going to keep and some stuff I'm going to try to sell/give away on Facebook. There are still some dishes in his garage I need to do something with and a few things left over in his kitchen. But today I'm going to stay home and I'll run there tomorrow (2 miles from my house) Will head to Wisconsin Monday or Tuesday... or when ever I have enough clean clothes to pack! :lol: :lol: But today is another day where I just don't know where to start! Guess I'll spin around in circle and see where I land!

Wishing you all a Super Saturday

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