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Saturday January 23rd

Daily discussions.
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Re: Saturday January 23rd

Post by WeSignificant » Sat Jan 23, 2021 8:03 am

Excellent research Judi. Thank you
Have a great day! Valerie

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Re: Saturday January 23rd

Post by auntjana » Sat Jan 23, 2021 8:06 am

Thanks Judi.

Since the winning ticket for the billion dollar lottery, was won in Michigan, near Detroit, Judi, are you now expanding your fabric stash, since it could have been you? :D

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Re: Saturday January 23rd

Post by Quiltmom » Sat Jan 23, 2021 8:22 am

Good morning all! Just a real quick stop in to say hi. Will come back later to read all the posts. Everyone must have gotten up early this morning. Not much going on here today. Still going through my World of Cross Stitch magazines and tearing out the patterns I want to save before giving them to my friend. If you like to do Cross stitching The World of Cross Stitching is the best mag out there for it. It comes from England and you can get it at Jo Ann Fabrics. It is a bit expensive at $15 but worth every penny. The patterns are very advanced and not just simple things.

Sports wise not too much on today so will watch movies. Made some Chex mix yesterday. I know you can buy it in the store but I like to make my own. Bought some apple punckis(?). I really like them but good thing they are only available before Lent because they are so rich.

Supposed to get a snow storm here Monday and Tuesday but they don't know how much yet. Could be anywhere from 2 - 8 inches. I have plenty of food so Smoke, Sweetie and I will just stay in and hibernate. They last time they called for a storm like that we got nothing. Hope the same thing happens.

Have a good and safe day everyone.


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Re: Saturday January 23rd

Post by womster » Sat Jan 23, 2021 9:04 am

Good morning, my quilting lovlies!

Just a drive-by for me - the weekends are usually insanely busy. Which is so weird, since I'm retired! I'm headed out to my sewing hole to get started on the comfort quilt. While I'm out there I decided to work on my embroidery class I signed up for last May (!). It's through a company in Australia - they have videos and a dedicated facebook page to ask questions. I've learned so much already. And then I'll quilt a row or two on the Christmas quilt. Have a wonderful day! xoxo Sharona

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Re: Saturday January 23rd

Post by maryq » Sat Jan 23, 2021 9:10 am

Good Morning Girls

Ok, who wants to be my alarm clock and text me a wake up call every morning... so I don't sleep until 1030! Good grief... 1/2 the day is gone! If I could just get to sleep at night I'd probably be able to get up earlier... though I don't think I'd be up as early as some of you... I usually wait for the sun the come up first!

And since I'm so late and so many of you have checked in already it will take me forever to respond to all... SO..

Briefly... Thank you Judi for the vaccine info. In MN I'm in stage 2, and when I checked all over the MN web site, I don't any schedule for my group yet... I may just call my Dr. office.. I'm getting anxious to get it done! Eli is doing well, I face timed them yesterday when he got home from surgery. He is at Daddy's this week and is ok to go back to real school on Monday! YEAH! That kid needs to be in school. Dr. told him from now on his feet need to be ON THE FLOOR!
My finger from the cut is healing.. the skin part anyway... the finger nail is cut about 1/2 down the nail bed and that can hurt like crazy if I catch it on something, so it's band aid city around here. I have package ready to send to Kathy and will head to PO on Monday. Never made it to the sewing machine yesterday, spent the day still sorting CD's and did a little more shampooing of the mud strain on my carpet. I wonder if a disaster like mud spilling is covered by insurance? :lol: Probably just the cleaning... though new carpet throughout would be awesome. :lol: :lol: So today for sure I am going to finish up my June Bride and perhaps get some borders on another little new quilt I started. Remember I have ADD and always have 4 or 5 things going at the same time. In between all that I'm sewing 5 strips of 2.5 inchers together to make random pieces to use for scrappy something.

So that's about all the news from here... I promise to get up earlier tomorrow! I think a Benadryl at night will be my new friend so I don't lay awake so long and get get out of bed earlier!

Wishing you all A Super Saturday

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Re: Saturday January 23rd

Post by QuiltGram8 » Sat Jan 23, 2021 10:03 am

I finally got my quilt pictures up loaded and posted in the Quilt Photos Topic.
You can take a peek when you get a chance.

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Re: Saturday January 23rd

Post by toekeyotow » Sat Jan 23, 2021 11:19 am

Well I'm late to the party as usual. Hope everyone is having a good day.

Judi I know what you mean about sleeping in when you retire. DH sleeps in way later than I do. Only problem is when you have small dogs that need to go out, your kind of on their schedule.

Maryz. I get it that people are getting tired of f/b they are not what they use to be.

Sharona it is good to see you back on here. I would come and read for sometime. I always find it hard to keep coming back and writing. I really don't know why that is.

I talked with Cathy/Kathy for some reason I thought she spelled it with a C, but I will have to ask her the next time I call her. She sounded good and she realizes that she has to stay focused on her rehab in order to leave where she is now. She misses not having a family member to be able to come and visit. That must be terrible to be confined for so long with NO visits allowed. I told her I would call again in a few days to see how she is coming along. My DH had the same surgery back in 2007 so I was able to give her first hand knowledge on that.

I have made contacts with some of whom I was friends with here on QIAD and I understand if you either are not on F/B any longer, or just don't want to reinstate our friendship. I was uncertain if I was even going to open another account. But here I am back on. This time it's just friends I know or people that I have something in common with that is all for now.

Hope you all make today the best day you can and enjoy something fun. Joan

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Re: Saturday January 23rd

Post by purrfect-lady » Sat Jan 23, 2021 11:27 am

Hello again,

I talked with Kathy again this morning. She received her comfort quilt yesterday and can't believe all the support this forum is giving her. She sounds happy and uplifted! She's easy to talk to and before I knew it 15 minutes had passed! If you'd like to give her a call, check out Chriss's post. And by the way, Joan, her name is spelled with a "K". For the past two months I have been using my phone to post and my phone insists on spelling it with a 'C' and I finally got tired of correcting it so I let it go. I figured everyone knew who I meant.

I got my Reindeer and Fox quilts all ready for quilting this morning and cut the sashing and borders for Norm & Nanette. Right now I'm quilting the "Swing Into Spring" Swap quilt from last spring. My chores are all caught up, it's too cold for yardwork, so what else can I do but quilt? :D mz

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Re: Saturday January 23rd

Post by toekeyotow » Sat Jan 23, 2021 3:28 pm

Hello again, Thanks Maryz for clearing that up. 4 or 5 years her and I were in contact with each other and for the life I me I wasn't sure which way she spelled it. Now it's etched in my mind, and I thank you.

Today has been a pretty cold day, never making it above freezing. I have finally started back to making my wallets. When I was hacked it really put everything on hold while I called bank, credit unions, Amazon and every other place I had automatic things being taken out of our accounts and making sure they had my new numbers. I finally feel I can breath a sigh of relief.

Have a great evening everyone. Joan

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