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Saturday November 21

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Re: Saturday November 21

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Sat Nov 21, 2020 8:32 am

Happy Saturday,, what a beautiful day.

Last night I went through my family history totes to pull out pictures for a cousin, I really thought I had more current pictures but find that most are more than three generations old. I guess that, due to camera phones, printed pictures from my generation forward just aren't a thing. I do have a lot of history on my family but not a lot of current pictures.

Kathy, sorry your sisters restaurant is closing, so many businesses are not able to make it. I am curious to see what happens to retail and restaurants by the first of the year. Glad you got your TP. Hopefully the manufacturers have realized the need to make more so it won't be so rare to find in the stores. So happy you are pain free, huge blessing

Maryq, how far away is Kevin moving? I agree about pictures. My son will never want the many unnamed pictures in my large totes.

Valerie, well duh. I should have thought about essential workers needing to be out after 10PM. I even have one of those letters from my employer that lets me be on the road. Irons can be a thorn in the side can't they? I have heard that running the iron on low setting over a new dryer sheet helps, or clean with toothpaste, or even make a scrub of baking soda and salt with water. who knows. Prayers for DD and her family, hope she recovers soon and they stay healthy.

Sherry, I was thinking about going into town to do a little grocery shopping. I have a cabbage that needs to be made into cabbage rolls, and I have been wanting sauteed mushrooms, not sure why. And, depending on the line I would love love love a rotisserie chicken from Costco, they do have the best chickens ever. Glad you got your turkey, I love the smells of turkey dinner cooking, glad the kids will be there.

Flo, sorry DGD can't make it, I also want this to be over, but I am not thinking it will be over any time soon. Nice birthday gift, way to go DH, good job. While you are at Sams could you get me a rotisserie chicken please?

Becca, enjoy your DD visit.

Judi, CT has books at 25% off today only. I remember you were looking for a Kim Dhiel book. that basement is going to be a place you will never want to leave, great that is has good insulation, you saved there. Jerry is also cooking breakfast. I can smell the carb laden potatoes from here. He makes the best fried potatoes ever. UGH, I pray those potatoes go straight to his hips.

Suzette, you are making me look like a slug. you have already accomplished so much this morning and I have only sat here at my lap top and drank two cups of coffee. slow down girl. My plan today is to start layering the bow tie quilt. Sure wish you could come help, I could use your energy.

Ann, I had to google Irish Fisherman sweaters, they really are gorgeous and a lot of work must have gone into knitting them. Posting pictures is another challenge of this new forum. Velda was kind enough to post a step by step tutorial that I refer to each time I try picture posting. I don't post enough pictures to remember how. I think the trick to most anything on this forum is to hit submit and once you hit submit make sure it submitted. My uncle would say about almost any difficult thing, 'it's an ornery Heifer" PS, I had to use google twice while reading your post. Irish Fisherman sweaters and Elk buttons. who knew.

Maryz, love the winter camper cross stitch, just googled it. it's adorable. the others seasons are great too, it will be great in a frame. Crazy the people you run into while traveling. makes you realize how small the world is.

Jana, Glad Sarah is getting her flooring, a remodel wouldn't be a remodel without a delay of some kind. During this pandemic I am surprised that it was only delayed a few days. Grateful is a good thing to be. In the chit chat section there is a post started that you can list the things you are grateful for, not sure who started it but it's a nice thing.

Sherry, my dad was also a fireman. Our lessons were always change the battery in the smoke detector, and how to get out of a burning house and have a meeting place. Fire drills are so important, Once the family next door gets settled I will try to get them to have a fire drill for the kids. We learned to feel the door, if it's hot don't use it. stuff a towel or something under at the bottom of the door to keep the smoke out. and get down, get low, get out, I can still sing that song.

Katy, come out come out where ever you are. Don't make me come over there.

Well girls, that is it for me, Still wanting those mushrooms and cabbage rolls so I may head on into town.

You all have a fantastic day,

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Re: Saturday November 21

Post by mepeace2 » Sat Nov 21, 2020 9:52 am

Good afternoon all
What a week Everything was going smoothly till last Saturday. As all of you know my x has been staying with me. Well Saturday I heard a large commotion in his bedroom. Thought it was scooby. O no My x had a seizure or a stroke. But I am telling everyone it was a seizure. I called 911 . He had rolled out of bed to floor and was shaking and his eyes looked odd. I rolled him to his side because he acted like he was choking.
The recue squad got here first ambulance right behind. They worked with him then whisked him off to hospitol. Thank goodness my son from Ca was at my x apartment I called him to take me to hospitol
my x had to stay overnight so I had to go get him Sunday. Then Tuesday water backed up in basement. Found out going to need to run new line from well. This has been the year from hell.
Six members of my family have covid. My sister has cancer and me I am just scared to go anywhere.
Today putting xmas tree together. I have food for at least three weeks.
I debated on whether to put tree up.
O for rest of week Had to get smart TV I lost my cable. So that too was fiasco.
Well now you know why I have not been here. lol

Chat with you all soon
You all have a great sewing day And stay safe

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Re: Saturday November 21

Post by gmaann » Sat Nov 21, 2020 10:52 am

After reading Chriss's post about googling elk buttons, I did, too. Then googled the name of the lady who made and sold them to my Mother. Discovered that she passed away in 2013 at the age of 96. It even mentioned the elk antlers in her obituary. It's fun to research things on Google. I learn some interesting things!

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