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Sunday August 2nd

Daily discussions.
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Sunday August 2nd

Post by grammiequilts » Sun Aug 02, 2020 4:48 am

Good Morning rain rain for 2 days...we so need it...and glad to have it..Not sure whats on the LIST today...but something surely is...Ken wasnt feeling well yesterday a bug of some sort...not covid he is fine today,,,FUnny everytime someone says they arent feeling well everyone says covid..even DD said go get tested....hes fine no fever no cough. no nothing today,
I will probably work on the hexis today...I have most of them sewn just need to start putting them together,,
wel I need some coffee and maybe some breakfast....have a wonderful day XXXXXXOOOOOO

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Re: Sunday August 2nd

Post by Becca » Sun Aug 02, 2020 4:58 am

Good morning everyone clear this morning We made it thru yesterday with no rain
So the Twins party was a big success They were so cute It was outside & we stayed beside pool Not in with the others

Judi Glad Ken is fine People are very concerned about it & if it’s family especially Enjoy your sewing

It was wonderful to see our family And DDIL loaded me down with. Peaches & fresh tomatoes I can eat good now
I am going to watch our Chuch on line Have a blessed day everyone. Becca
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Re: Sunday August 2nd

Post by purrfect-lady » Sun Aug 02, 2020 5:08 am

Good morning,

Thank you all for sending good thoughts my way yesterday as I attended my brother's funeral. It was a small gathering but so nicely and sweetly done. My great-nephew, Al's grandson, is the pastor and he did a really nice job. My nephew and I both were speakers. I'm not quite 5' tall and the solid wood podium where I had to stand was at least 4'6" tall! Folks probably could only see the top of my head! We go back to Mineral on Monday for burial.

HONEY - it's so nice to see you! It seems like your baby girl was just graduating high school! Congratulations to her! Does she still dance? I had to Google your quilt and it's beautiful!

MARY Q - Well? Did you get to the garage yesterday? Secret Santa?? sign me up!!

JUDI - I'm glad Ken is OK. Sorry about the truck issues - Bill is sending his best karma to Ken and Big Red! And I understand being emotionally attached to a vehicle. Sounds silly but it's NOT! We did go to the BBQ yesterday. And I did some hugging. Have you figured out some things to do with Cheyenne this coming week? They say introducing someone to a new hobby is a great gift - cross stitch, embroidery, knitting, drawing, beading, music, QUILTING, gardening, even reading. There must be something out there that she likes and just doesn't know it yet.

BECCA - sounds like the twins' party was a big success! How did CA do? And peaches to go! It's good to be you!

JANA - Sorry about the tile taking longer to dry, but with a crockpot, an oven, an electric fry pan and a grill I know you'll still be turning out gourmet meals!

SHERRY - sorry about the brown yard, but not needing to mow it gives you more time to watch your sports and do the other past times you love!

LORI - you get so much done in a day - and varied things, at that! Plus give those boys all the lovin' I know they need and take care of the kitties and the hubs and now FIL, too. Our new car probably does make some kind of noise when the hatch is up, but we haven't learned all the whistles yet - just the bells.

Not sure what I'm doing today. I think I'll make a quilt back and load my R/W/B quilt onto the frame. Right now is the purrfect time - nothing else in progress, sewing room is clean, and it's a wide open day.

Wishing us all full bobbins today!

mary z

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Re: Sunday August 2nd

Post by FlorenceM » Sun Aug 02, 2020 5:20 am

Yesterday I was up early &outside working. I cleaned the rest of ugly rock , dirt, weed pile from pump house and repaired planter around telephone pole in loop of driveway. Planter got disturbed when Joe needed to run new power line to barn and area around pump house when my sprinklers were run. I am still sore but proved at almost 59 I can work circles around those half my age.
Mary I am praying for your family.


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Re: Sunday August 2nd

Post by velvet » Sun Aug 02, 2020 5:23 am

Good sunny morning from Myrtle Bch. (for now, anyway)
We got some rain and wind yesterday afternoon just like Becca did. I think the blackness in the sky was a little spooky though and then the sun came out right behind it. Was weird.
We're watching the weather channel to see what this storm might give us. We brought the shutters for the house a couple of months ago, but this may be a tropical storm rather than a hurricane. Time is on our side either way it goes. Fingers crossed.
I dropped off 4 quilts to Kathleens that are bound and picked up 4 needing to be finished.
Tomorrow hubby has to have a planters wart cut out. So for a few days he gets to be pampered (no-not the diaper)

Off for coffee
Have a great day

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Re: Sunday August 2nd

Post by velvet » Sun Aug 02, 2020 5:26 am

Flo- you are a strong women, but please don't push so hard. Things get done in time. The heat and humidity were killers here for over a week and I'm sure you had the same.


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Re: Sunday August 2nd

Post by auntjana » Sun Aug 02, 2020 5:39 am

Good morning!

I am up - sort of, and the sun is trying.

We were hot and will be again today. Yesterday Aaron was out patrolling the freeways and it was 107, then a Covid accident happened. A Covid accident is what Aaron and the troopers call a accident involving a driver pulling a RV trailer. You see, many here are buying new RV's, heading out and never pulled a RV before. The driver has no idea on how to load the weight, etc, properly and the driver loses control and causes a crash. That is what happened yesterday afternoon. The RV, attached to a Suburban overturned, blocking all the lanes on I-80. The family in the Suburban were fine, but Aaron had to use all his toys, oops, tools, :), to unhook the overturned trailer. Troopers and Fire were both there watching, having a good snicker at all the doings. They had been bored, and when the call settled down, they stayed to watch all the fun. Aaron 's needed a big tool to free the RV, so Fire broke out one of theirs. Then Aaron used his big truck to push the overturned RV off to the side of the road. The RV was totaled. Sure wish some of these drivers, with these new rigs, would take the RV dealers up on their offers of a class in how to haul their new rig. The cement on the freeway heats up to more than 120 degrees for those guys working out there. Oh, the driver was cited for the accident and blocking the freeway. She was not a happy camper! :) It is the little things that happen to make Aaron and the troopers days.

Not much here today. Church and I have a bunch of bindings to hand turn and stitch down. There would be another binding, but I couldn't find the piece of fabric I had set out. The batt Cave is clean and I hunted all through it, couldn't find it. Was getting frustrated and quit sewing. My plan was to wait until today to look again. Then as I was coming upstairs, I decided to look in one last place. Yep, it was there - slid between the cabinets that are in front of my machine - my out feed area. So I will retrieve it and finish the last inch of binding I needed. Did I not tell you, the binding was short 1 inch! Ugggh!

Never a dull moment here with fabric missing and the adventures of Aaron!

Stay Safe!

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Re: Sunday August 2nd

Post by mepeace2 » Sun Aug 02, 2020 6:42 am

Good morning All
Tried yesterday to let everyone know that nothing much going on . LOl But entries went bye bye.
Today: Got all my critters fed Dishes done Sweeping done. I filled all hummingbird feeders . I need to wash my hair . Then I am going to move boxes out of sewing room and hopefully sew.
Secret Santa did someone say its time for Secret Santa. Sign me up. lol I need to go shopping as quick as possible before they close everything again.
Diane Stay safe Hopefully the storm will turn out to sea.
Maryz Sorry you lost a brother. Hope you are doing well. Yes I am so ready for secret Santa.
Judi Could you send some rain to me. I am so tired of watering.
Well I need to keep moving so maybe just maybe I can sew

You all have a great sewing day

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Re: Sunday August 2nd

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Sun Aug 02, 2020 7:44 am

Good morning, it's going to be a wonderful day today.

I will type this as I watch Jane Pauley, I like the Sunday morning show. I've pretty much been staying home. Last weekend I took a friend to the air port, she flew from Cali to Mass. Someone else will pick her up today. I'm glad, not sure I want to pick someone up who has been traveling and been on an airplane with circulated air. I did make her a mask that sticks out from her nose and mouth. I think the masks help but am not putting all of my faith in two layers of cotton.

I've tried to catch up on this thread since the last time i was here. Went and looked at all the pictures. Looked through the Christmas swap and see that Maryq is trying on her Jolly Elf costume, looking forward to seeing what the plan is for secret santa.

Maryz, glad you got to have a funeral for your brother.

Jana, I never thought of a travel electric skillet. We have taken a full size coffee pot with us.

Kathy, that stiff stuff by Pelon is in with the fusible and interfacing at Joanns.

Becca, hope the twins had a great birthday party. The first of many. So glad God answered our prayers.

Lois, how is your garden doing? We have more tomatoes than we can use. Jerry freezes them and when he has enough he makes tomato juice. Perfect for stew or soups. Our green beans didn't even come up. We have a few cucumbers.

For me not much is new. still working from home and don't see myself going back to the office any time soon. I take my firearm training at the end of this month, I purchased a 9mm and want the training to go along with it. I have shot it a couple of times. It's a nice gun. I don't go out much. Jerry does most of the grocery shopping. If I need anything I get it on line.

I am going to play in my room soon. I move my lap top off of my desk and put my sewing machine on it. and change it all back during the week.

I pray you are all doing well and staying healthy,


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Re: Sunday August 2nd

Post by maryq » Sun Aug 02, 2020 7:55 am

Good Morning Girls


Judi... Hope Ken feels better soon! Yup, it's funny how every one panics now with a little cough or a sneeze!

Becca... I bet that was a wonderful celebration for the Twins. Can't believe they are a year old already... Won't be long now and they will be walking and getting into all sorts of trouble . :lol:

Maryz.... Was thinking about you a lot yesterday, knowing that it would be a difficult day for you. Kind of neat that Al's grandson was the pastor to officiate. Yes I did clean garage yesterday, didn't take me as long as I thought so I still had time to clean up a couple messes in the sewing room and sit and stitch for a while.

Flo... Man girlfriend... sounds like you really got a work out yesterday! I'm always so proud of myself when I have a day like that... when something actually gets accomplished. But heck, I'm proud of myself when I get the garbage to curb on the right day!

Diane... you sure have been busy with those bindings! Don't baby your DH too much.. he'll get used to it and think he gets to be waited on all the time.. :lol: :lol:

Jana....Another crazy story for Aaron's book---when he writes his memoirs from years of service at the UHP!

Katy... Yup... SS is UP... Hope you like my idea for this year's theme!

Chriss. OMG there you are!!!! Have been missing you and hoping that all is well. Saw your picture on FB.. What a nice bright work space you have. Am jealous you have ripe tomatoes already. I have a lot in my little box garden, but none are ripe yet... and only 2 cucumbers. I planted pickling cukes and can't wait for them to produce.. I have a perfect recipe for pickles!

It's absolutely gorgeous here today.. we got about 3 drops of rain yesterday. whoopee! The kids are going to stop by this morning on their way to Sara's folks. Nolan turned 9 yesterday and I need to give him a birthday hug... In the meantime, I head down to sew a little bit and probably just spend the day puttsing around.

For now I need more coffee.

Wishing you a Super Sunday

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