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April 1 2020

Daily discussions.
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April 1 2020

Post by Becca » Wed Apr 01, 2020 3:56 am

Good morning everyone Time to rise & listen for Chriss Rooster
It’s another new day still dark here
I plan to do more masks Hope everyone has a great day
Prayers for Jules & all in need & for our Country to be healed

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Re: April 1 2020

Post by billizzy » Wed Apr 01, 2020 4:19 am

good morning Becca, Kuaii my rooster has crowed. 🐓
Cool here this morning. I know some of you are traveling, I heard today states shutting down letting you in so be safe. I can’t get over how so many people are out shopping. When I went to grocery for my pick up the place was packed. One elderly man was loading soft drinks in cases not food. Crazy. No Ski is worth going in any store for me.
The newest news is ibuprofen in your system speeds up virus if you catch it. I take 1200mg daily for my body to function.
No lil man today. I have another online meeting with school today. We are setting up our virtual learning plan for the students. Hoping to have it all together and up and running in 2 weeks. I’m just thankful I am still getting paycheck. I am still paying on my medical bills.

So much going on out there. I am very thankful I am sitting here well stocked and isolated by nature. We are keeping the farm locked up, people are gonna start getting desperate soon.our state is shutting down everything and may put into action home lock dow in the city, we still have groups that are gathering so stupid but that’s nature of some.

Please keep my DH in prayer, today another funeral. He also is still out there working and has contact with people.

Well today is work day then hopefully some sew time too.

Hugs 😍 prayers 🙏 happy stitching 🧵
:D izzy

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Re: April 1 2020

Post by fabricgirl » Wed Apr 01, 2020 4:35 am

Good morning Everyone,

Not much going on here I'm doing some wash
sewing face mask had my son come pick some up for Melissa's family sending some to a friend I use to work with for her sister.

I'm trying to keep busy and stay out of the kitchen lol.

Izzy people think that they are immune to this virus.

Becca stay safe.

Well that's all the news for today everyone have a safe day.
Prayers go out to all in need.


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Re: April 1 2020

Post by auntjana » Wed Apr 01, 2020 4:40 am

Good morning!

So it was thhat darn rooster that woke me up! Actually, it was the noisy horses next door. Their water trough is empty and they kick it. It is a big metal trough. Pretty smart, I would say, to get their owner's attention!

Fussed around sewing. Not much accomplished. A few uglies today, then wonder what I will get into.

Stay safe! Do as asked! And PRAY!


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Re: April 1 2020

Post by FlorenceM » Wed Apr 01, 2020 5:03 am

Today Joe will take walk behind bush Wacker to area where blackberries are to be planted, then I can plant. Spent yesterday digging through high grass pulling rocks ,& sticks.
Izzy I take Ibuprofen too...scary stuff

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Re: April 1 2020

Post by grammiequilts » Wed Apr 01, 2020 5:05 am

Good Morning same here,,,I spent the day in my sewing room yesterday and got 40 masks cranked out...a lady from a local church dropped off 15 masks I dont know her but she heard the call...another quilter has 20 done and my co conspirator made 28 yesterday,,,she is a friend from working days, these will go to another hospital and a steel company that asked for 20 for the guys working there too. she will drop them off...we do what we can,,,I saw some selling the masks for very high prices...bad karma I say. still stying in and Ken goes to the rink to watch the machines he makes the rounds and comes home...he wears a mask and carries hand sanitizer,,,Life has changed so much for us...all. when this is over (and it will be) we may have to decide what is imoirtant to us...and what our priorities are...I just want to hug my kids and grands... doing well on groceries...my son dropped off flour and yeast and my daughter will drop off more supplies on thurs, our kids are very good to us///I sure wish we could hug....well I need coffee and it is another dreary day here and wet...i sure could use some sunshine..cant you tell.....XXXXXXXXOOOOOOO

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Re: April 1 2020

Post by Marilynsgrammy » Wed Apr 01, 2020 5:08 am

Good morning. It's going to be a great day.

We have been sent home with instructions on how to work from home. My computer doesn't want to play so I will bring my laptop in today and see if I can get things to work.

Izzy, please read more about the IBU. I have read it is ok to take. So much news out there that isn't real. you might be able to take it. check it out.

I wish everyone would stay home. How would a person feel if they had this virus and didn't know it and simply exchanged money with someone who ended up with this virus. or walked by someone who sneezed. I hate seeing the numbers of those infected go up each day.

There is a girl at work who gets fast food for breakfast and fast food for lunch every single day. Her parents were visiting from Arizona and are now on their way home. they will need to stop along the way. UGH!

I have to go to get gas today. I will put my atm and costco card in a plastic baggie and wear a glove to pump the gas. It's the only place I go besides work and home. I don't like that someone got gas before me and someone will get gas after me.

Glad I didn't retire yet. hoping that my 401k recovers what it has lost.

Prayers for all of you,

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Re: April 1 2020

Post by velvet » Wed Apr 01, 2020 5:25 am

Good morning to all. I really would like to see people have some common sense here. They closed the public access to the beaches and the parking lots. BUT you can walk on to the beaches anyway. The police will check to make sure no more than 3 people are close to each other. What a joke-I would rather leave the police to do important work rather than baby sit adults with no brains.

Started to work on a quilt as a birthday gift for my wonderful daughter in law, Fran, in August. Running out of fabric to finish some qov's tops. Don't want to go to Joan's until I can figure out all that I'll need so will only go there once. Joan and Jim are in their 80's and I worry about them and this virus.

My family in NY are doing well-so far. The kids are doing work from their computers.
I hope everyone is doing well with staying safe and staying home.


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Re: April 1 2020

Post by WeeOne » Wed Apr 01, 2020 5:43 am

I happened to look at the Life360 App last evening and found Dad at the new place. Called my brother, Larry, and was told he had sent an email out. Anyway, Monday he found a moving company that both places felt was Ok and moved Dad yesterday. He said they set the rooms up the same way as his old place. Also said that he or SIL will be able to visit Dad, even now with the lockdown on the facility. I may just call and confirm that for myself.

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Re: April 1 2020

Post by suzette58 » Wed Apr 01, 2020 6:26 am

Good morning everyone.
I got up early and headed to our Food Lion. The shelves are getting better except for toilet paper. I have been plugging away on the Halloween quilt for my friend. This Saturday I get my next clue for the Brown Bag Mystery. I am looking forward to it. I hope everyone is doing well during all of this. Take care

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