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What QIAD Books do you have?

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Re: What QIAD Books do you have?

Post by TeresaK » Sun Jan 15, 2017 8:56 pm

Thanks Sonya. I am thrilled you can see it. I predict a FABBBBBBBBulous quilt at the end of the year whether you join us each month or just stitch the block. Always happy to see a Happy Face!!
That is quite a list of books you have!!!! I know I have a few more but they seem to be hiding. Could be with a bunch of fabric I have alotted for the pattern.
I do have many of her Loose Patterns that I have received as gifts, purchased when on sale or used a Coupon at JoAnn's. Frugle is the word:)


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Re: What QIAD Books do you have?

Post by rosebud3 » Mon Jan 16, 2017 12:32 pm

Ok, here's my list:

Day and Night
Winning Hand
Tennessee Waltz
Radiant Star
Cross Stitch Quilts
Lover's Knot
Quick Trip
All Star
Boston Common
Bear's in the Woods
Orion's Star
Christmas Traditions
Irish Chain in a Day-single and double second edition
Machine Quilting Primer
Underground Railroad
Make a quilt in a Day Log Cabin
Still Stripping
Quilts through the Seasons
Christmas at Bear's Paw Ranch
Egg Money
Grandmother's Garden


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Re: What QIAD Books do you have?

Post by FlorenceM » Mon Jan 16, 2017 1:08 pm

I only have :

Christmas at Bear's Paw Ranch.

But Teresa we can work out whatever block you choose. My biggest limit is fabric and quilt shops until I finish and get my bearings.


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Re: What QIAD Books do you have?

Post by WeSignificant » Mon Jan 16, 2017 2:41 pm

Teresa, these are the ones i know I have from your list. I think I may have a few others.
Christmas at Bear's Paw Ranch.
Day and Night
Delectable Mountains
Lover's Knot
Northern Star
Orion's Star
Quick Trip
Quilts from El's Kitchen
Quilts Through the Season
Still Stripping after 25 Years
SunBonnet Sue
Tennessee Waltz
Trip Around the World
Underground Railroad
Victory Quilts
Winning Hands

And probably some more if I actually went and looked. Copy and pasted from others list.
Have a great day! Valerie

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Re: What QIAD Books do you have?

Post by billizzy » Tue Jan 17, 2017 8:56 am

I have most of those and the library here has several I do not have so I am game:) OOO excited to see what your up to with this:)

:D izzy

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Re: What QIAD Books do you have?

Post by QuiltGram8 » Tue Jan 17, 2017 11:20 am

On my! you all put me to shame. I think the Winning Hands is the only one I have. I do have several of her individual patterns, but no where near the bunches you all have.

Yeeks! I guess I need to get on the ball and start watching for some sales. LOL

I got started with Eleanor from her TV show and DH would tape them for me and I would watch the show, stop, write down directions, play a little more, stop and jot down notes and draw diagrams for myself.

Lot's of notes that I saved, but never got into buying the books and starting a whole library. Wow!! You all just amaze me.



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Re: What QIAD Books do you have?

Post by toekeyotow » Wed Jan 18, 2017 1:35 pm

Here's what I found so far.

1. Quilts through the Seasons
2. Still stripping after 25 years
3. Sunbonnet Sue visits QIAD
4. Christmas Traditions
5. QIAD Log Cabin
6. All Star Quilts
7. Lovers Knot
8. Radiant Star
9. Irish Chain
10. Winning Hand
11. A star for all Season's
12. Delectable Mountains
13. Christmas at Bear Paw
14. Radiant Star 2nd Edition
15. Quilters Almanac block party #3
16. Courthouse Steps
17. Country Christmas
18. QIAD Log Cabin Big Book
19. Orion's Star
20. Town Square Sampler
21. Applique in a Day
22. Grandmothers Garden
23. Nana's Garden
24. Diamond Log Cabin Tablecloth
25. Dutch Windmills
26. Wild Goose Chase
27. Birds in the Attic
28. Jewel Box Quilt
29. Snowball Quilt
30. Burgoyne Surrounded Quilt
31. Tennessee Waltz
32. Bears in the Woods.
33. Day & Night

I think that's about it, but you never know!

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Re: What QIAD Books do you have?

Post by TeresaK » Wed Jan 18, 2017 7:33 pm

WOW some great books everybody has. I do beleive Joan has the most so far. A question would be ... Have you made a block or quilt from each one :) :)

Velda - I was like you when I started. I have many of the shows taped and on DVD now. Rob helped me with those. I picked up books here and there from yard and antique shopping. Passed on from friends. Gifts for Birthday, Mother's Day and Christmas. I know I have more books especially the Log Cabin. Where they are I have no clue, UGH. I know they will show up when I am not looking.

Flo - I have an extra copy of GrandMother's Garden I will send you.
That's what friends just do :) :)

Before I started asking this question I had already decided on a variation of one of El's blocks for February's Lotto. Jacquie even sent me her Feb Blocks along with January's. I want to now play with the sample blocks I made to see if I can adjust them to equal El's blocks. I wasn't a fan of the block because of the size of it but I will let you know more next week when I figure it out.

What is also on the adjenda is ... the Road2CA Show tomorrow; a quilt that just came in today to have off the frame by Saturday. The next one is coming on Monday. OF course as all this is happening there is also the Australian Open Tennis matched to sew to. Sounds like a great start to the weekend coming up. Now I just need to be safe in the RAIN!!!!

Happy Stitching!!!!

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Re: What QIAD Books do you have?

Post by MEPIECE2 » Thu Jan 19, 2017 3:18 am

I just up dated my list. Was going through charm packs and found them LOl

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Re: What QIAD Books do you have?

Post by larynx » Thu Jan 19, 2017 5:51 am

I know I have more, too..including the log cabin!...
I have a habit of putting books with fabric in bins for Quilts I plan...
I imagine SOMEWHERE are a few more :)
Will update when I find them...or they show up..

I do have a lot of her loose patterns, too.

Except for the Town Square Sampler I believe I have made a quilt..or at least a block from every other book!

(((((Hugs)))) Sonya

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