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applique vs reverse applique vs another idea

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applique vs reverse applique vs another idea

Post by morgans4 » Mon Apr 08, 2019 11:02 am

I am appliquéing a face, with light fabric, onto a bright blue background. The instructions say that I will need to use a double layer of the light fabric so the blue won’t show through. That makes sense, but if I am using the method of using freezer paper, how could I do this? Last night I tried attaching the 1st layer of light to the shape, then drew around that onto the 2nd piece of light, adding 1/4" extra for turning under. What I ended up with was a blob of glue that showed through both layers of light.
So, I am wondering if instead of appliquéing this to the background, could I just applique the edges then cut away the blue background from behind the light face? That sounds easiest. But I just don’t know and am requesting your expertise. Thanks.

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