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Pin basting the quilt sandwich techniques...

Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2014 6:55 am
by davejack
I recently completed my first quilt. Overall I was very happy with the outcome. I struggled a bit in getting the blocks all sized up to the same size. But my biggest problem was pin basting the quilt sandwich. I made a wall hanging size quilt, I think the final size was 72" x 72". I laid out the quilt on some tables I had access to at work and I really stuggled with pinning the center part of quilt. I'm very tall, 6'4" and it took every bit of effort I had to lean over and pin the center section. I considered getting up on the table on my knees, but I I resisted that, not knowing if I might damage the quilt top, or something like that.

I did puncture my fingers with trying to close the safety pins several times and bleed on the quilt in a couple of places. Is this normal for first time quilters? lol

I would like to make a king size quilt for my next project and I know I will have more problems with it than with this one. I just wondered if there are any easy ways to tackle this kind of problem.

Thanks in advance...


Re: Pin basting the quilt sandwich techniques...

Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2014 4:07 pm
by kenderosa
Hi Dave! Congrats on finishing your first quilt top! I will try to answer your question, I Long Arm my quilts so I don't need to pin, but others have used the 505 Basting Spray to help hold the sandwich together and I'm thinking that might help you to be able to then roll your quilt to the center in order to easily pin from the center out. Also, you need to purchase a Kwik Klip to save your fingers from all those pokes! :o) They sell both these items on this web site under the Notions tab. The best of luck to you and be sure and post a photo of your lovely quilt. We all share here.

Hopefully others who pin will be able to comment to help you, also.


Re: Pin basting the quilt sandwich techniques...

Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2014 4:37 pm
by MainelyMe
Wow! Wonderful that you have finished your first quilt.
My answer to your question is this. I have pinned many quilts up to King size and have done it all alone and I'm only 5'4"! I have one table that I use for cutting and pinning. It's the type that has folding sides. I place the center of the back, batting and top in the center of the table. I make sure all layers are secure and pin all of the quilt that is on the tabletop. Then I move the whole unit to one side, secure it, pin, move it again. I keep doing this until the whole quilt is pinned.
I hope I have written this so it's understandable, but if not, please ask any questions that you have,

Re: Pin basting the quilt sandwich techniques...

Posted: Tue Apr 01, 2014 7:12 am
by davejack
Hi again. Thanks to both of you for the advice. Excellent advice. One of the books I used to learn said to tape the backing to the table and layout the batting and quilt top one top of that and start from the center. But both of the methods you mentioned sound great and much easier than what I did. And I did order the Kwik Klip. Unfortunately it just hadn't come in time to help me with this first one. I was too anxious to get started on the pin basting to wait on it... :)

Thanks again for the help, I really appreciate.


Re: Pin basting the quilt sandwich techniques...

Posted: Fri Apr 18, 2014 9:17 am
by joan6630
Congrats on your quilt Dave!

I am very tall myself, 6', and have pinned many quilts, mostly king size because both myself and my husband are very tall.

I use a table to clamp down the backing, then lay the batting on that, with the quilt top on the top. (I use the big black clamps that would hold large amounts of paper together). I have also used tape, especially on the sides where the clamp no longer works.

I have tried the spray, but to me, especially in larger quilts, I was not happy with how the quilt stayed (or didn't) stay together. I think the spray would work for baby quilts, but not the larger quilts.

But -- I sit down when I pin quilts. Standing would also give me a backache. I sit on one side of the table, and pin as far as I can reach, then slide the chair to the other side. My table is not that big though - so now sure how big a table you are using. I used to use our kitchen table, but we got a glass table now, so the only table that I can use is a smaller, maybe 4' x 10' table. I just make sure that everything is centered, and it works out great for me. I mark the center, especially for the backing, and pin from there.

Good luck!