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Thank you so much!!!!

Discussions about Projects & Donations for special causes.
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Thank you so much!!!!

Post by Caroline1947 » Wed Nov 30, 2016 2:53 am

I was so blessed to receive the comfort quilt you guys made me!!! It means so much to me. As some of you may remember I have to sleep in a recliner due to pain and small quilts are perfect. I use it every night now.It is beautiful,cheerful and Gene would have loved it too.I miss him so much,wonder when the pain will get to be more bearable.I love you all so much for caring!!! Thank you again!!! Much love,Caroline

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Re: Thank you so much!!!!

Post by FarmChick » Wed Nov 30, 2016 4:00 am

So glad it arrived! Hugs and best wishes to you as you continue your journey of healing. You will still miss Gene, but the raw wounds of his passing will heal over. The sadness will lift, and you will remember him with joy and be at peace that he is again whole and not suffering. Blessings to you!

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