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Dark Medium Cutting Error

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Dark Medium Cutting Error

Post by bichonsrfun » Tue Aug 25, 2015 1:20 pm

Has anyone else had this problem?

In making this pattern, I followed the directions for the Dark Medium on pp. 2 and 3: cut (l) 12" square and Making Eight Triangle Pieced Squares, #1-#7. The end result was a finished size of 5-1/2".

However, the squares I came up with didn't have enough fabric to measure 5-1/2", they measured 5" instead. I consulted the instructions/chart that came with the Quilt in a Day 6-1/2" Triangle Square Up Ruler. The chart indicated that a 13" square was to be used for a finished size of 5-1/2". It also indicated a 12" square was to be used for a finished size of 5".

It appears there's a discrepancy between cutting a 12" square v. cutting a 13" square to attain 5-1/2". I went ahead and cut a 13" square and my finished size did turn out to be 5-1/2"

Also, please note that instruction #6, page 3 should indicate "square to 6" as noted on the ruler's chart. The pattern currently reads "square to 5-1/2".

Once I made this correction, the quilt top turned out wonderfully!

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