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Tossed 9 Patch with cornerstones and sashing..my problem!

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Tossed 9 Patch with cornerstones and sashing..my problem!

Post by Joannequilts » Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:46 am

This pattern gave me fits! Here's what happened to me:

I can't believe that I have to frog MORE. BUT, now I know what I am doing wrong with the tossed 9 patch with sashing and cornerstones!!!!

First of all, the directions in El's pattern just say to sew the vertical rows together. And they don't do the usual pictures of how to do that. It tells you to cut the sashing strips the exact size of the block (13" for me).

Now, I have to tell you that I have done the "flip the block towards the left sashing" many times, but my brain left for awhile! And without El's pictures of how to sew the vertical rows together..right over left, I messed up! lol!

So....I took the first vertical row of cornerstones and sashing and sewed them together..cornerstone, then side sashing, then cornerstone..end to end. Until I had one long vertical row.

Then I took the top sashing on the second row and sewed it to the top of the block, and on down until that row was together.

Then when I sewed that first vertical row to the second row..the sashing and cornerstone row wouldn't match up to the sashing and blocks in the second row!! The side sashing was too long! So I thought that I just cut the sashing too long!

Point is, you have to sew it left to right..like El shows in all her directions EXCEPT the directions in the Tossed 9 Patch pattern doesn't detail that!

Is that clear??? So now I have two rows where I have to remove all the sashing and the cornerstones, recut the sashing to 13" and sew it all again...UGH. I'm telling you all this in detail, because I hope that no one else has to go through this. Logically, it shouldn't matter which way you do it, but evidently, for me, it DOES.

Does anyone understand what I'm explaining??

I'm off to FROG!


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